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Monday, October 19, 2009

Me - Fashion

We took my baby for a walk this weekend and this was what we were wearing...

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Me - Fashion

I decided to fit on some dresses in YDE I like. Don't you guys think the first dress looks very Khloe K? I think so...

Me - Fashion

While at Rosebank, I was at The Zone and I saw these cute dressed at Sowearto...the cutest dresses in the whole

Shoes at Mr Price

I was walking at Rosebank Mall and I thought I'd go to Mr Price and update some 'cheaper' shoes that does not break the bank...hope you guys like them

New shoes at YDE

Its been a while but YDE desided to update their shoes and I must say I loooooves it...I will update some more pics this weekend on some more shoes and clothes! What do you guys say? Yay or Nay?

*Thanx Mel for the pics :) (via Blackberry)

Stevie Boi

I just had to show you this... This is Stevie Boi and he is true genuis! Check out his website, this is a true trend setter...

Crazy Ass-ness at Paris Fashion Week

Look at those shoes and them cat clothes...Paris Fashion Week are full of surprises!!

Keri Hilson coming to SA

Keri Hilson will be in South Africa on these dates Thursday, 15 October in Cape Town; Saturday, 17 October in Durban; and on Sunday, 18 October in Johannesburg.

Me - Fashion

This is me and my son. I am in a cut off shorts...I cut them yesterday :)

Cut of shorts

The must have for this summer is a cute off shorts...its very hot and we need to cool off! My fav fashionistas love wearing their cut off's!! Its so simple and easy, just take an old jeans and cut them and there you go you got a brand new trend with and old item :)

Welcome to the new Face

Hello :)

This is the new Face of my blog :) hope you guys like it :)