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Monday, August 16, 2010

Kanye's Back

Ive always been a very big Kanye fan and this guy is MAD talented. I felt like he lost it a little but after hearing all his new music I am so happy to say KANYE IS BACK!!!! This is a twitpic of him in studio with Kobe, Mos Def and Swissy as they doing a remix to Power...cant wait to hear what the cooking up in studio....

Here is some new tracks his been busy with:
Kanye ft Sky - Happiness Diamonds

Kanye ft Beyonce and Charlie - See me now

Rick Ross ft Kanye - Live Fast, Die Young

House of Dereon

I normally dont post up pics of ads but when I saw these pics I just had to share them...look at the shoes!!! Beyonce really killed it, she looks good. She also did a full interview you can read right here ---->>


Ive been in the works and now I am proud to anounce that I am officially part of the Streetword team. I will be writing and ofcourse taking pics of street fashion around JHB. If you from CT and you would like to be included please email me your pics to and I would include you in our brand new fabulous street fashion blog. As this is only the begining I will only be doing 2 post a month until the website picks up and we could do it weekly! Please register and stay glued as this is a movement that could take over.


Balenciaga gladiator wedge sandals

Nicole has always been my fashion IDOL but these shoes are just too nice. She started wearing them in 2008 and now spotted again in Auguest 2010. Shes always been ahead in fashion but these shoes are just FABULOUS.