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Monday, May 31, 2010

More Winter Trends

After I visited iFashion, I picked my fav top winter looks and posted it :) Hope you guys love it as much as I do!! Enjoy as I am looking for more fashion do's!


I got this picture off and I absolutely love the shade, the bicycle and ofcourse the clothes the girls are wearing!! I am updating some more pictures next :) Just had to do the bicycle alone cause it got class man :)

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Banky W

And my fav right now is Banky W with Lagos Party!!!! yessssssssss we are doing it local on Africa Day :)


So I am celebrating AFRICA DAY and this must be one of my fav songs and music videos out right now!!! Its Psyfo with HAMBA !!!! Check it out, the music vid is awesome!! and also follow him on twitter

Jack Parrow

I just love Jack Parow so Now I wanna share it with you guys!!! He is very much talented and from SOUTH AFRICA!!!! Happy Africa Day you can also follow him on twitter

First Picture

So everyone knows it was Mika Stefano's birthday this past weekend!!! I am still waiting for the pictures I took but here is the first pic of ME ME ME!!!!!!!!!!!

Princess says....

I'm so cool but I'm so hot. I'm so fly and you is soooooo not!!!

I want this!!!

I saw this and I was so jealous that its not me in this TEE!!!! OMG how fabulous is this, if anyone sees this around pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee let me know, i want it, i need it, oh baby oh baby lmao

Happy Africa Day

Happy Africa Day to everyone!!!!!!!! We come a long way so this goes out to EVERYONE black, white and yellowbone (lmao) Have a good one :)

Jhene Aiko

This is the sexy girl who does the hooks on July (Thank me Later - Drake) and I must say she did an excelent as you can see she is just fabulous and since I discovered her :) I fell inlove!!! She has a baby by O'Ryan, Omarion's brother but you can check out more about her on her blog and you can also follow her on twitter

PS. Its fake furrrrrr

My Bedroom

You have to join us at S'Heaven this weekend to celebrate Ashleigh Ogle's birthday :) Its gonna be lots of fun and dark :) Hope to see you guys there!!!

Friday, May 21, 2010

I love JHB

Party Party party

So I decided to go to YDE and fit on some party dresses....didnt like any of them tho only the first sexy one :) damn its too hot but I didnt buy it just a little something something!!!! Oh i love this

Mika Stefano's Birthday

It is the best Birthday party JHB is going to see, and the theme is DISCO FUNK!!!! Going to be tooo colourful and full of lots of energy :) I am too excited and I cant wait MIKA :) See you guys there!!!!

Vintage Aaliyah Pictures

I found these old photoshoot of Aaliyah and her bff Kidada Jones (Tupac's fiance) They looked absolute beautiful and I just love the photgraphy. Hope you guys enjoy it as much as I do :)

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Failed Winter Fashion

You guys know I always try to get the cheap fashionable clothing for you :) but after so many attempts I seriously cant find anything and its been horrible :( I am trying to hit the streets everyday and go hunt and i dont find anything! But dont worry I am going to find where all our winter fashion goodies are hiding...till then, enjoy yourself!!!

I just love this Jacket..

I want this jacket so badly....its perfect for the winter....if you see this anywhere please let me know and Ill get to it :) to your viewing pleasure...Ms Richie

C4 party

Yesssssssssssssss I was at C4, against all my believes...lmao! Heres my fabulous pics I took!!
Just me :) Princess in the Building

Me and Mika Moo

Me and my friend Leston :)