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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Got to haves

I absolutely love love love them! Think its tooooo cute....I wish we had them, might have to buy me sunnies and just make them! I will have to see what I will be able to do this weekend and then maybe by Monday I will be tweeting my DIY...been a while


The new collection is out and you can go check it out the full collection at I am a very big Pharrel fan so I whatever he does I will! However I don't appreciate that mustache...

Cross Country Colleges Tour 2010

I felt like i had to upload this!! Its some big event at Inc Nightclub this friday. Seems like everyone who is into HipHop in South Africa will be there...HipHop DJ's, House DJ's and some live acts will be performing like Prokid, DA Les, L-Tido and Bongani Fassie.
Entrance: R100 for a fun night I guess.

Follow Inc on Twitter @IncTheClub

Just gimme one more minute:

I am so happy South Africa's HipHop seems to be picking up however why am I feeling like its just coping some other people....I know that you should do your own thing and if you comfortable with it, why not....but its just boring how they coping! Although I must say I looooove Prokid and TearGas is not to bad! So when I say coping you probably know who I am refering too.

And the music video's....why do they always insist on these yellow eish music videos? Just a question? Please comment and share your views because it seems like I must be lost!!

International Fashion Sale

Its that time of the year again....its the biggest summer sale and it will be at The Dome from the 25th February 2010 - 28th February 2010

Doors open at 10 am and closes at 10pm.

Go Ahead and Spoil yourself :)

Keep Cute this winter

I was searching around on the web for some cute things I am getting me this winter...I do love fashion but I should start practising what I preach lol! so here is some cute small things I am getting me this winter to keep nice and warm and to stay cute ofcourse :) The list can go on and on but this is my fav :) Look at this super cute pink hat, I am most deff getting me a had...dont know what color yet but I really want to get one.

My sister got a similiar scarf like this, but I really need to get my scarfs in diff colours so if I wear my black and white clothes it kind breaks it...Although I did read an article on the web on how dark colours ruled the New York Fashion week

I just love this, it so cute and pretty! I know YDE, Edgars and Mr Price has them...Nicole RIchi always wears them and I have to get me one will look super cute!

I got this biker denim jacket off the Edgars website, I love it but I dont know if I am getting it tho -_- Its very cute jacket tho.

Biker boots....i like the idea of them, dont know if ill be able to wear them tho...need to find me some winter shoes and boots tho! This year I am changing my look, I really hope I do go through with it!
So this is my winter must haves...share your comments??

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Please Vote for ME

Everybody gotta vote for me on

Thank You for the support :)

New YouTube Video

Hello Everybody

I have a YouTube Page and you can check out my videos at

I will be posting my FIRST video this weekend, stay tuned gonna be really fun!!


Saturday, February 20, 2010

Die Antwoord vs Rihanna

As I was watching Rude Boy music video by Rihanna (which I love BTW) I couldnt help but notice it looked the same as the Enter the Ninja music video done by Die Antwoord. Die Antwoord did this music video Last year and Rihanna only did hers this year...weird how simliar it is right?

Die Antwoord



My sister and her BF

Me and my BF
So a few weeks bac I updated my blog and I mentioned that we will go to see Die Antwoord live. We went to the show but DJ Harddeck was not there :(
After a great night out and a small venue packed, the next week all I hear people talk about is Die Antwoord. They suddenly blow up and they are the IT thing right now. Here is a music video and the most famous song Enter the Ninja
If you want more info on Die Antwoord visit their website at or follow them on twitter

JR Show Them

This must be one of the favourites around right now, not my fav yet but its worth posting! I think they shouldve put more into the music video tho.

A Winter Look

Nicole Richie (my fashion icon) is seen everywhere with the denim shorts, tights, top and jacket. This is a look to be rocking in the winter time. I know its still summer in SA but we might be in for a cold one and if you still want to look fabulous and rock the look this would be it.
The Hudson Jacket, taken from Nicoles Range
A cute off denim shorts, one of my personal fav :)

Snake Print Shoes - House of Harlow

Nicole Richie designed a new shoe range for her label House of Harlow and I found that most of the shoes has snake prints. Ive seen her wear the shoes a few times and I deff think that this will make a big come back. However I DID NOT see any shops with some snake skin shoes yet. Will be on the look out on where you will find this.

Cropped Denim Jackets

I was at Mr Price yesterday trying to play Style Spy but the one I went to was a little outdated!! But however I came across the crop denim jacket and its totally cute. It comes in colours, Blue and Black and its a definate must have

Colourful Clothing

Theres no better way to express yourself then colours :) This is such a fun thing to do and its fun to play with. The second picture was taken from Mr Price and it shows how they were inspired to design the clothes :) I really do love the colours and the way Beyonce and Rihanna are both rocking it

I have included the Rude Boy music as its also very colourful and its just FABULOUS....Love this music video :)