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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Keep Cute this winter

I was searching around on the web for some cute things I am getting me this winter...I do love fashion but I should start practising what I preach lol! so here is some cute small things I am getting me this winter to keep nice and warm and to stay cute ofcourse :) The list can go on and on but this is my fav :) Look at this super cute pink hat, I am most deff getting me a had...dont know what color yet but I really want to get one.

My sister got a similiar scarf like this, but I really need to get my scarfs in diff colours so if I wear my black and white clothes it kind breaks it...Although I did read an article on the web on how dark colours ruled the New York Fashion week

I just love this, it so cute and pretty! I know YDE, Edgars and Mr Price has them...Nicole RIchi always wears them and I have to get me one will look super cute!

I got this biker denim jacket off the Edgars website, I love it but I dont know if I am getting it tho -_- Its very cute jacket tho.

Biker boots....i like the idea of them, dont know if ill be able to wear them tho...need to find me some winter shoes and boots tho! This year I am changing my look, I really hope I do go through with it!
So this is my winter must haves...share your comments??

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