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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Cross Country Colleges Tour 2010

I felt like i had to upload this!! Its some big event at Inc Nightclub this friday. Seems like everyone who is into HipHop in South Africa will be there...HipHop DJ's, House DJ's and some live acts will be performing like Prokid, DA Les, L-Tido and Bongani Fassie.
Entrance: R100 for a fun night I guess.

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Just gimme one more minute:

I am so happy South Africa's HipHop seems to be picking up however why am I feeling like its just coping some other people....I know that you should do your own thing and if you comfortable with it, why not....but its just boring how they coping! Although I must say I looooove Prokid and TearGas is not to bad! So when I say coping you probably know who I am refering too.

And the music video's....why do they always insist on these yellow eish music videos? Just a question? Please comment and share your views because it seems like I must be lost!!

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