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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

New Music

My top five songs and what should be listening to:

1. Trey Songz - Till the day I die
2. Gucci Mane ft Trey Songz, Nicki Minaj & Fabolous - Lemonade (remix)
3. Drake - Over
4.Chris Brown - Invented Head
5.Amerie ft Fabolous - More than love

Diggy Simmons

I try to stay away from posting this about celebs but i have to post this...Diggy Simmons is so talented seriously and I think his mad cute :) If you want to keep up with him follow him on twitter @diggy_simmons check out his blog and download his mixtape...Talented!!

Edgars Goodies

OMG I just love this and I am getting me one ASAP! What a cute top :) available at edgars
very very very cute cardigan...need to get me one of these aswell
This is a hot thing to have but this jacket is not...lmao just thought I'd post it anyway.

Studded leggings...any leggings is a good thing

Pinted leggings at only R49.99 a must have for sure!!! Go get some now :)

Mr Price Winter Trends

I love this picture...I love her shoes however I dont think its at Mr Price, will have a look tho!

This is the trend report...i loved the last one and i must say i need to get used to this one...the trends seems old...sorry :(

I just added this for the jacket and the dress...the rested I posted months ago!! GO have a look at Mr Price!!

Random Post

I got this picture off my girls @MrsPinkyIvory 's blog...and I was like I have the shh right here is princess with the same sunnies :)

and I got them from Mr Price for cheap

Nasty - I want this

I want this can someone please get me this...I just love this its sooooo cute!!

VW Vivo

The soweto gospel choir - I repect

Westlife - uhm, they still alive?? Im sure they begged them to do this, lmao

Kelly Clarkson - I have no comment

The Vivo...looks like all the other polo's...think they waisted time

Freshly Ground - They have a white girl dancing like a black girl...or wait its the other way around lmao

The Parlotones - never really been a fan anyway

TKZee - love them and always will :)
So the big launch of the VW Vivo was at Sun City and I must say Im a bot disappointed! The music acts, uhm I seriously have no words...what you think?? thoughts??
I could just be a hater?? lmao

Heat Mag

So I was on Mika Stefano's blog and he had this little take on Pam Andrews...seriously why is this girl still in the news...The Heat always talk shhhh! How do they expect us to ready it if they post the same shhh over and over! I mean how many post are they gonna do on Pam Andrews body?? Seriously now and ofcourse their fav cover is the Ange and Brad split on ofcourse!! I got words for you Heat, Step your Game UP!!!!! Please

My Bday

I know its mad late but my birthday was on the 13th March and diddy said happy birthday to me!! Eat your heart out bitches :)


Everybody should know by now that I am just as good as obsessed with Cassie. I absolutely love her!! She so stylish and look at her hair...its a classic ofcourse :) I dont know why she wants Diddy but I love her and Ill accept lmao

Steve Aoki @Baseline

Steve Aoki and The CobraSnake ( is coming to South Africa. I know its kinda old news but we got our tickets yesterday and I am super excited!!! Get your tickets at Mooks in Rosebank today :) See you there

Monday, March 1, 2010

SA Fashion Week Summer 2010

The Summer Fashion Week will be this month :) and I think its time I attend, I am not the biggest fan of some of these local designers but I want to see what its all are the dates

Thursday, 25th March 2010
4pm - Graffiti Installation by Mark Erasmus @Clive Rundle Shop 12, The Firs, Rosebank
The Forum Turbine Hall
7pm - Amanda Laird Cherry
8pm - Superella Guillotine

Firday, 26th March 2010
The Forum Turbine Hall
9:30am - Non European, Bianca Warren, Dillon and Jada, Nabeela & Sober
10:30am - 1pm - Buyers & Media Networking Session
1pm - Lunch
2pm - Rubicon, Sies! Isabella, Mantsho & Funeka by Tasleem Bulbilia
3pm - 5pm - Buyers & Media Networking Session
7pm - Two Chimera
8pm - RjKay Creations & Gugulam
9pm - Loxion Kulca by Ole Ledimo

Saturday, 27th March 2010
The Forum Turbine Hall
2pm - Terrence Bray, Tiaan Nagel, Colleen Eitzen & Soda
5pm - 7pm - Buyers & Media Networking Session
7pm - Thunderstorm, DFC by Uyanda Mbuli & DMClassics
8pm - Drakie
9pm - Sylvester Falata & Ephymol

You Tube Video

I know I said my first video will will drop the past weekend but I've been busy and well Ive actually decided to do it tonight...thats with or without my sis @MelZie27! Stay tuned this one is going to be a fun one :)

Colour Coats

I got this picture off and its so cute, I love how Nicole plays with colour and the soft pink really suits her well! Seems like colour coats are the new thing, I guess its a good thing as winter clothes always seems so dull and dark...Colour it up with a bright colour coat and you are 100% :)
I love the bright orange coat, just goes so well with everything she is wearing...I wish I could live in New York or Paris just for the things they wear...

Loudly and Proudly South African

As I was walking down the streets of Rosebank, i realised yet a again in what a beautiful country we live in...I had to take a picture of the this...its so beautiful and sunny and its really hot today

I kept on walking and I past the Gallery and this is a mans face made out of stone cladding...its amasing, the detail you'll see when you closer to it is soooo beautiful

This is a guy on some sort of skateboard...this i just posted for my sister @MelZie27 she thinks she can skateboard, lmao!

An interesting fact about South Africa is that we call Traffic Lights Robots yeah I I took this one of it showing to continue but it looks like its pointing to the sky :)

So to conclude to my post, yea I am Proudly South African and wouldnt want it any other way

Knee High Tights

They are really really hot!! Its all over the runway and everybody gotta have some :)

A Very Cute Skirt

How Cute is this Skirt?? I looooove love love it and I really hope I find one like it soon! I looked around after I saw this pic, no luck yet :(

Leather Jacket

The leather jacket has always been a good look, I found this really cute biker leather jacket at Mr Price and it fits very very well. I think I look super cute in it
What you think??

Shirts + Shorts = Fabulous

This right here is a hot look for winter and summer...while I was in Mr Price I thought I might go around and search for some other hot looks I was reaching and this is what I got. Hope you like it

I think its super cute...and I think I look fabulous :)

Printed Leggings

Angela Simmons and her sister Vanessa Simmons was out on the pink carpte (tooo cute) to promote a launch! I actually like her Hot Mess outfit she has on. SO I went ot Mr Price and I saw printed leggings thats kinda like hers...only not in colour! Hope you like it and yea thats me in the!
I wore the leggings with a white Shirt...I know the pictures came out dark but they give you the idea right??