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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Fun in the Sun

Was having fun in the sun on Sunday....hope you guys feeling my 1980's look :)

Street Fashion

Hello everyone, I decided to take it to the streets today and lets see how its gonne go...might pop in and see what the stores have for us!! Yess we gonna work it today, gotta keep my blog up and running South Africa :)

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

YouTube Videos

If you didnt check it out yet now is the chance to do so :) Check out my Hey Daddy Video and also my Steve Aoki live video :) I am new to all of this so just give time I will get there :) Hope you enjoy it

The CobraSnake

Our pictures is on the website!!! Yes seems so unreal but it feels so good :) Im such a poser I know :)

Steve Aoki in Town

At The Woods, a night to remember! This guy is the bestest ever! You can seriously feel him...South African DJ's needs to step their games up!! They kindergarden compared to Steve Aoki! Hope you were there to take some notes!! Also check out the video I posted on YouTube

Studded Boots

I just ot me these boots from Edgards and they are only R300!! Good value for your money
These are boots Mischa Barton wore and she loves them and so will you!!
A top view of the boots :)
Go check it out its at Edgards and its available for only R300! This is most deff worth your money!!