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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Audi Fashion Week - August

And the winner is....The August Clothing Line, why?? Cause its casual wear that I can actually see myself in and its still on the runway :) Ok I do admit that its not that creative, cause I am sure you can find the except same clothes at Mr Price, YDE, Edgars or the Shop of your choice but I do like it and I can see myself in it!!
Yeah I know I just gave the other designers s*** for not being creative enough and here I go and choose the least creative but its atleast fun to see right??
For more Audi Fashion Week pictures go to , thats where I got my info from :)

Audi Fashion Week - Wild Fig

This is the Wild Fig Fashion show! I just uploaded this one for the dresses, I know they not WOW but they something to look at. These are they only dresses I liked but if you want to see more go have a look at

Audi Fashion Week - Spero Villioti

Lets all take a moment and thank for the lovely pictures :) lol! I uploaded this one first because I do think its creative but I am still not conviced that it is on standard. I love how he played with different styles, shapes and colours. Maybe its just me but its not a 10 at all

Audi Fashion Week

As everyone know by now it was Audi Fashion Week and it was fulled with Celebs. I did not attend but did my duty to get you the best pictures of the fashion shows I LIKED and it was only 3 :(

Saturday, January 23, 2010


Everybody gotta follow my girl Dior Madison on Twitter. She is a young and very talented upcoming artist!! You can go watch her doing covers and freestyles on her youtube page
Enjoy and thoughts??



Studded Fashion

Gloves and leggings




Studded clothes, shoes, accesories, etc has really been a favourites amongs the celebs. Its very hard to find nice studded shoes in South Africa but I however founded knock off studded shoes at Mr Price and they look good for the price :) You know its all about cheap buys and fashionable buys!!

Die Antwoord

I know this picture looks funny/weird/odd but they good and they in JHB this weekend! They will be playing at The Woods in Newtown 23Jan2010 and in Pretoria the 24th! They are very talented...will be taking pictures at the show tonight and uploading tomorrow :)

Winter Trends

The Jacket

The Shoes




With the weather all messed up I thought id would be clever to get us some early winter trends from no other than the lovely Nicole Richie!!
This is the bestest trends that you can mix and match and always look fabulous. Nicole Richie always know how to do it and she is truely a fashion icon.


We all know Haiti had the worst year and we all have to stand together and help! If you can, please help Haiti and donate.

You can also follow them on Twitter

Find out more at
Lets all help rebuilt Haiti

Happy New Year

Hello Everyone
I know I have not updated this in a minute but Happy New Year and Happy 2010 to all!! Ive been very busy, been juggling between my work, varsity and ofcourse being a mommy :) but I got the time and now I am updating