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Monday, March 1, 2010

Loudly and Proudly South African

As I was walking down the streets of Rosebank, i realised yet a again in what a beautiful country we live in...I had to take a picture of the this...its so beautiful and sunny and its really hot today

I kept on walking and I past the Gallery and this is a mans face made out of stone cladding...its amasing, the detail you'll see when you closer to it is soooo beautiful

This is a guy on some sort of skateboard...this i just posted for my sister @MelZie27 she thinks she can skateboard, lmao!

An interesting fact about South Africa is that we call Traffic Lights Robots yeah I I took this one of it showing to continue but it looks like its pointing to the sky :)

So to conclude to my post, yea I am Proudly South African and wouldnt want it any other way

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