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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Exclusive - DJ Sammy T

So I told you guys imma try and interview someone every week and this week it is DJ Sammy T. I never met him personally but I have heard allot about him for a very long time.
Hope you enjoy

Q: How long have you been in the business? Because you still look young but Ive known of you for so long?

A: Been Dj'n since early 2000, but went a bit bellow the radar till last year(2008)

Q: Other than DJ'ing, who is DJ Sammy T? What do you do for fun and whats your interest?

A: I'm just your regular guy, from the barracks of Limpopo(Polokwane to be exact) and to most I go by SAMIR. One crazy guy that makes every meeting and hangout an experience to recollect.

Q: Other than DJ'ing what other profession do you do or like to do?

A: I am a web developer/programmer and either than that, I enjoy chiling with my fam and friends

Q: Do you enjoy your job or do you believe that you are restricted in many areas? I listen to radio but prefer to listen to my own playlist as radio playlist can get quite you agree or disagree?

A: Generally radio is limiting in some senses but either than that, I do enjoy what I do. I could do it EVERY hour if ever given the chance, but you know, too much of a good thing is actually bad for you.

Q: Whats your highlight of your career?

A: Meeting great legends like Glen Lewis, SK95, Culoe De Song and initially making that break into the DJ/Industry. trust me, it's not an easy industry to break into. But apart from DJ'n, the percs that come attached with it(meeting new people, networking and getting exposure)

Q: Are you doing your dreamjob and do you enjoy everything about it?

A: To be honest, it's more than a dream. It has become a passion that I intend to pull through till the end. I had the pleasure of getting into one hectic industry and make it work on my part and met great DJ's/producers along the field of work

Q: What part of do you not enjoy?

A: The sleepless night's, the drawbacks and the aftereffects.

Q: Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

A: National radio, an icon in the house industry in South Africa and generally seeing the young onez rocking, cause HOUSE music is the future, it's been there forever.

Q: Whats on your agenda? Any parties this holiday??

A: These holidays are going to be hectic. Starting off from Dec 11th till next year January

Q: Any new year resolutions?? (Had to ask this one)

A: Yeah, to go bigger and better. plus I've been working on a couple of tracks. wanna complete them and get down an album

**** Thanks for giving me this opportunity and for choosing me as a headline, in a sense. Hope this is the start of great things to come

Thank You DJ Sammy T

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