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Friday, December 4, 2009

Exclusive - Mika Stefano

The Fabulous Mika Stefano took out some time in his daily schedule and answered a few questions I had for him. The first time I heard about him, I went to the loo at Rosebank Galaxy and saw a sticker ok Mika Stefano and I was like who the hell is this Mika Stefano?? I googled him and came across a very user friendly website and found out he calss himself GP's Gossip Gangster and I loved it.

Below you can find the questions and answers.

1. Who is Mika Stefano? Explain yourself in one sentence?

Mika Stefano is a young social blogger, who is passionate about our local entertainment industry...

2. You obviously enjoy what you doing, but if you could do anything else? What would it be?

There are many things that I would like to do, other than my day job and the exciting blog. Somethings will include being a radio DJ, TV host, Restaurant/Club owner, Fashion Stylist/designer.... All of these things are part of the Mika Stefano plan, and I plan to do them... soon... (I But if there is anything else I could be, it would have to be something completely different from what I am doing now. When growing up, I always saw myself as one of those CEO business men... with a fancy office over looking the city. (To be honest, I think I just liked the idea of the office and the secutery doing the I am not a morning person, I usually wake up at 11. So whatever the other job is, it wil have to be an evening shift kinda job...

3. You are so young (23 I think, my age Yes, Im who told ya... ) do you feel you have accomplish allot for your age?

No. It is so easy to become lazy, and I become lazy often. Sometimes I feel if I only use half my energy in a productive way, I could be 5 times bigger than I am now... Dont get me wrong, I am happy about where I am now. But imagine If I woke up at 8 and started working on MikaStefano from 9. That is an extra 4 hours a day, 28 hours a week... (Wow, its scary when I break it down like that... All that lost time... I will make it my New Years Resolution...)

4. When I first heard of you, I thought just another blogger that wants to copy Perez you think he was an influence in what you are doing right now?

It is so easy to compare people, and I have often been compared to Perez. We are both gay, we both have a strange fasion sense (altho mine isnt as and we both have well read blogs. The only difference is his is strictly gossip related. includes gossip, but it is told through my eyes. It is also very opinionated and is alot more personal. My blogs are not social spottings like Swashwi or Heat, but rather Social Commentary, I always relate it back to me, and I think thats the big difference between MikaStefano and other gossip blogs.

PS After I actually been on your blog a few times I realised you not that much like him.

...laughing.... Thank you!

5. When I go on your website, you get allot of different "buttons" you can select from, what will be next in line for mika stefano?

The next step for MikaStefano, will be a new, easier to navigate website. The basic blogs behind each button, was a cost effective way of me testing the waters. Now I am ready to swim. I would also like to have a Mobi Site. But to make these things happen, I need a sponsor. (So if you know anyone...)

6. You obviously enjoying your lifestyle, what will be your highlight of your career?

Could hardly call my blog a career. Until I get paid, its just an awesome hobby... There have been many highlights. My friends and family are very special to me. Without them, there would be no MikaStefano. Some exciting recent things would deff be the NOH8 South Africa campaign. I also just registered my business. MIKA STEFANO CC... Looks like my childhood dream may just come true, Im the CEO of my own company, all thats missing is that office with the killa view.Also meeting and interviewing Kelly Rowland for MTV. (Beyonce of South Africa (Mika Stefano) meets Kelly Rowland of the world...) Another cool moment was interviewing the international DJ, DJ DRAMA on Blackberry Messenger. #truestory. Being included in the top 300 Young South Africans list was also a pretty cool highlight... Another highlight is each time I meet readers of my blog, they always give me such cool feedback and their words always lift me up and give me the boost of energy that I sometimes need. Many highlights hun... like they say, when life hands you lemons, slice em up, have tequilla shots and lemon...

7. Do you consider yourself as a celebrity?

No... lol... I consider myself a recognisable face, but no...Until Mika Stefano makes the top 10 most searched local names on Google, Im just a... boy with a blog and a cool dress sense... At least I think its cool...

8. Do you see a Mika Stefano Theatro show? I think it would be fun!!

That is not bad idea! THANKS... (I suppose now I will owe you a credit in the programme...) Theatre is my day job... (I am the Marketing and FOH Manager of the Old Mutual Theatre on the Square) I studided Theatre and Live Performance... I have thought about it before.... I will put it into my future plans box and open it on my 35th Birthday...

9. What does a normal day for Mika Stefano look like?

Wake up at 7. Drop my mother off at a friend (they do a lift club). I then come home and sleep till 11, sometimes 12 and sometimes even 1. When I wake up, I take a nice long bath (sometimes with bubbles) and then I get dressed. Then depending on what day it is, I either meet with my graphics team, my manager, my radio team (TransAfrica Media) or a few friends. We would usually have lunch... (I dont do breakfast...) I then make my way to work and work... I usually knock off at 21:00. I then go home and freshen up, before going out and partying till 5 in the morning... Somewhere inbetween all of that, I find time to update my blog.

10. Where do you see yourself in 10 Years?

Good question, Where do you see Mika Stefano in 10 years?

Thank You so much for your time, I really wish you the best of luck?

Thank you so much for the opportunity of being on your blog...When my new site is up, we should discuss having links to eachothers sites on eachothers sites...

Stay Fabulous


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